Preventing Your Cat from Ruining Their Favorite Cat Kicker Toys

Okay, so you’ve got these awesome cat kicker toys that your cat just adores. But guess what? Sometimes, those toys go MIA (missing in action) or end up in tatters. So, how do you stop your cat from losing or trashing their beloved kicker toys?


Let’s explore some tips to keep these toys in one whole piece and in play.

Be the playtime referee

First things first, when your cat’s going bonkers with their kicker toy, be their playtime partner. Hang out with them and keep an eye on them. This way, you can make sure they’re not trying to sneak the toy off to their secret stash or destroy it.

Set up a Play Zone

Designate a special play zone with a comfy rug or mat just for kicker toy play. Place the kicker toy there, and your cat’s less likely to bat it under the fridge or shred it on a hard floor. Plus, it’s their turf for playtime fun.

Use a toy leash

Think about attaching a string or cord to the toy. Tie one end to the toy and the other end to something stable, like a table leg. This way, if your cat tries to “borrow” the toy, it won’t get far.

Storage Wars

Get yourself a storage solution, like a basket or bin, for your cat’s toys. Keep all their goodies in one spot, so they’re easy to find and put away. Your cat will learn where to look for their toys instead of stashing them.

Mix It Up

Cats can be fickle creatures. If a toy is always out, they might lose interest. So, rotate their kicker toys. Hide some and introduce others. It’s like a toy surprise party! This keeps them curious and stops them from obsessing over a single toy.

Distract with Interactive Play

Give your cat some action-packed playtime with other toys that aren’t kicker toys. Teaser wands, laser pointers, or feather toys can keep them busy without risking the kicker toy’s well-being.

Tough Toys Only

When you’re on the hunt for kicker toys, go for the sturdy ones. Look for toys that mean business, with strong fabric and reinforced stitching. These babies can take a beating.

Repair instead of replace

If a kicker toy does get a little rough around the edges, don’t toss it! Many toys can be patched up with a bit of sewing. Regularly check for wear and tear, and don’t let damage go unattended.


In a nutshell, keeping your cat from wrecking their kicker toys is all about being a playtime supervisor, creating a designated play zone, using toy leashes, staying organized, shaking things up with different toys, picking tough kicker toys, and fixing rather than tossing when damage happens. So, let the kicker toy games continue!